Stratification of Rheumatoid Arthritis: Computational models to personalize management

strategies for difficult-to-treat disease (STRATA-FIT)

The STRATA-FIT consortium sets out to develop and validate computational models to identify and stratify Difficult-to-treat rheumatoid arthritis (D2T RA) patients into clinically relevant phenotypes using real world clinical data.

D2T RA is a subgroup of rheumatoid arthritis patients and it is an area of huge unmet medical need with major socio-economic consequences for patients and society. Contributing factors have been identified including co-morbidities, drug-related, biological and behavioral factors.

However, identifying these patients with specific underlying and overlapping problems, or patients at risk, is a big challenge in practice. Currently, treatment decisions are random and not sufficiently patient tailored nor data-driven.

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